TX Series


Eddy Current Electronic Module & Probes

Eddy Current

TX  -  eddylab Series

Since 2000, eddylab has engaged in the development and production of eddy current sensors. A wide field of application is generated by the TX series, which was developed in particular for high-end automation and robotics. Our engineers continuously adapt and develop the eddy current sensors further to your special needs.

The eddy current sensors are small useful assistants if it is a matter of measuring distances on metallic objects extremely high-resolution till the nanometer area without touch and freely of wear. The high frequency lines of flux responsible for the measuring principle of the sensors pass non-metallic media unhindered. This quality admits a measurement under oleograph or hydraulic pressure or under strong soiling. Also case parts and materials of plastic can be filled and behind it recumbent metallic objects be grasped. Varnish and foils can be examined for layer strength.











0,5 - 10,00 mm

0 - 8mm



+/- 0,25 % v. MB

± 60 µm



0,1 µm

1 µm



35 kHz



Protection class

67 u 68









K4P2M-S-M12        2m, straight connector        

K4P5M-S-M12        5m, straight connector                        

K4P10M-S-M12      10m, straight connector      

K4P2M-SW-M12     2m, angular connector                        

K4P5M-SW-M12     5m, straight connector

K4P10M-SW-M12   10m, angular connector


BNC-Cable for Analog output (IEC 61010)


XLAM-446/SC  High flexible4, length 1.6 meters


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