SL Series


AC LVDT(25 to 600 mm) Long Stroke



Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT)

SL – eddylab Series

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) are ideal for applications in harsh industrial environments such as high temperature and pressure applications, dynamic applications and long term cycles. The Waycon series are AC-AC LVDTs. When accompanied by the KAB, IMCA or the Daytronic 5M30 conditioner an amplified voltage output is available as noted.










rod end bearing, only push rod guided, push rod extricable



Accuracy max.

±0.3%, optional ±0.2%



Output analog

AC,  with amplifier 0...10V, ±5V, ±10V, 0...20mA



Voltage rate

24V (12...36VDC), 15V (12...18VDC) with amplifier



Power input

from 65 mA



Protection class

IP65 optional IP68



Operating temperature

-40°C....+120°C, +150°C (only sensor)




Types and options:

S              push rod unguided

SG           push rod guided

G             rod end bearing

IP68        waterproof 10 bar

H             higher temp. range 150 °C

L20         improved linearity 0.20 % (on request)


KAB         integrated cable electronics Waycon

IMCA      external electronics Waycon

                                                5M30     external electronics Daytronic

Connector cable:

cable with straight connector M12 (SA)

K4P2M-S 2 m

K4P5M-S 5 m

K4P10M-S 10 m

cable with angular connector M12 (SA)

K4P2M-SW 2 m

K4P5M-SW 5 m

K4P10M-SW 10 m

fixed connector cable (2,0 m standard, KR):

each additional meter of PVC-cable

each additional meter of PTFE-cable (-H)


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