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Precision “gage head” AC LVDT Transducers


These AC units present the optimum combination of range, accuracy, versatility, and small size required for general-purpose applications. A spring-extended armature and a special linear bearing technique yield virtually friction-free probe action over a wide temperature range. With suitable signal conditioning equipment, they can provide repeatability of well within a micron (0.001 mm).

These LVDT’s are a logical selection when ambient temperature control is impossible or inconvenient, since small size and AISI- 446 stainless steel construction normally reduce thermal expansion errors to insignificance. The Models DS20C, DS40C, and DS80E/F have a sealed rubber boot to prevent entry of dust or liquid into the transducer housing.

In addition to high mechanical strength, all models have fully encapsulated, magnetically shielded windings for use with ESI or other carrier amplifier equipment. They can be mounted in any position, and are unaffected by being clamped into the steel housings of most gaging fixtures. With a built-in “anti-rotate” mechanism, each ball-ended probe can withstand the high side loads often encountered in multipoint gaging operations, without loss of accuracy. Linearity: ±0.5% of full scale; ±0.25% and ±0.1% linearity are available as options on some ranges (contact the factory for details).



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