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mV/V Load Cell – Miniature Range – Male Threads

The 431, 431M, 434A, and 434AM Series offer the smallest-size strain gage force transducers where good specification can still be maintained. Operating in both tension and compression from forces of 50 grams to 10,000 pounds, these precision miniature load cells have a rugged stainless-steel weld construction with a "tripled" stack

design to eliminate or minimize the off-axis loading effects. The internal construction assures excellent long-term

stability for ranges of 1 kg and up. All the basic engineering concepts of larger load cells are built into these instruments, including precision calibration, stabilizing diaphragms, pressure compensation, etc. Each bonded strain gage unit is built of welded 17-4 PH stainless steel for additional ruggedness. Models in the 431 and 431M

Series have male threads, while the 434A and 434AM Series have female threaded load attachments



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