General Mainframe Specifications

Physical / Environmental


All mainframes are RACK- or PANEL-MOUNTABLE; Rackmount Kits are available for all models less than 19 inches wide; contact the factory for precise panel cutout dimensions required by any given model

Operating Temperature Range

+5° C to +50° C (+41° F to +122° F)

Relative Humidity

95% maximum (noncondensing)



90-130 or 180-260 VAC standard for all mainframes except the Model 10KN8A, which operates ONLY from 90-130 VAC; for optional 12-28 VDC external power, see the Vehicle Operation ("V") Option


47-63 Hz

Consumption (AC Power)

Maximum amperage varies with mainframe "family":
"10KU" Family: 0.5 A (50 W typical)
"10K1/10K2" Family: 2 A (100 W typical)
"10K4T" Family: 2 A (100 W typical)
All "B-Sized" Mainframes: 3 A (100 W typical)

Power-Off Protection

All setup data (calibration, limit values, video page formats, etc.) is stored in nonvolatile "Zero-Powered" (battery-backed) RAM for all mainframes; configuration "Write Protection" may be enabled or disabled via physical or "software" switch

Real-Time Clock and Date

Internal clock included in each system; battery backup ensures correct time and date 

Signal Conditioning

Internal Scan Rate

Typically 2500 to 3000 channels per second, depending on the mainframe's CENTRAL PROCESSOR model and the number and "types" of channels being scanned; this rate includes all internal numeric processes (linearization, "y = mx + b" scaling, limit decisions, cross-channel computations, etc.)

A/D Resolution

16-bit (0.0015% of full scale); for all Conditioner Cards, measurement resolution is determined by the user during system calibration


Multipole low-pass active analog filter per channel (see individual Conditioner Cards for details); digital smoothing function per channel with individually selectable quieting factor

Custom Linearization

Available for all mainframes (for up to eight analog input channels)

Overall Accuracy

0.02% of full scale typical, following calibration (see individual Conditioner Cards for specific ratings)


(see also Data Communications under "Basic Functions")


RS232 Serial ASCII standard at baud rates from 110 through 153.6K; IEEE-488 and RS422 interfacing optional (see Communications Options and Accessories and Auxiliary Computer Interface Cards)


Any "B-sized" mainframe (or operator console) may function as a "SATELLITE" unit within a local network that is hosted by a "B-sized" mainframe containing a Model 10BD4 Satellite Interface Card; a Model 10KU, 10KU-KD, 10K1C, or 10K4T-KD mainframe which is equipped with the Satellite ("S") Option may also serve as a satellite unit



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