System 10 General Description & Features

System 10 is a dependable, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SOLUTION for real-time measurement and control  by combining an extensive custom hardware platform with sophisticated software tools, System 10 lets you build a data acquisition system tailored to your specific application requirements, a system that is both economical and eminently field-proven.
PC-based data acquisition systems are adequate for some situations, but in the most demanding applications—requiring the fastest, most accurate acquisition and processing of mixed real-world data signals—System 10 is the high-performance solution of choice.

The versatile System 10 platform accommodates a wide range of configurations, from small benchtop dataloggers to factory-wide local area networks that can handle thousands of data points, while monitoring and controlling multiple complex tests or processes simultaneously.  Integrating in a single system all aspects of data collection, display, archiving, communications, and processing, System 10 can operate independently or under the supervision of a host computer or PLC.

As an intelligent stand-alone front end, System 10 supplies the host device with finished engineering-unit answers—not just "raw" samples—either automatically or on request.  Its dynamic database unburdens the PC of all routine data acquisition tasks, while making 100% of acquired data available on a truly real-time basis.  For systems with over 50 measurement inputs or with complex internal calculations, thru put of finished-answer data is typically faster than the comparable PC-based system—and this includes continuous per-channel limit monitoring—with no display update delay.

System 10 provides multichannel data displays on multiple, individually selectable small- or large-scale "pages" that are instantly formattable by the operator in the field, even while the measured test or process is running.  Video options include high-speed bargraphing.

The system is ideal for use as a distributed tasking network.  Remote stand-alone units for local data collection, display, processing, and control can be placed close to process sensors, thereby greatly reducing costly and troublesome cable connections.

System 10 can be:

  • a simple datalogger
  • an industrial workstation
  • a programmable safety monitor
  • a factory-wide distributed network
  • an independent node within an extended LAN
  • a stand-alone database for archiving and retrieval of historical data
  • a high-speed front end for your favorite I/O server or device driver software for graphical user interfacing; data processing, reporting, backup, and storage; ethernet and/or modem communications; and much more . . .

. . . with applications in every area of industry and research including (to name just a few):

  • Engine Dynamometry
  • Jet Engine Testing
  • Transmission and Brake Testing
  • Statistical Process Control
  • PID Closed Loop Control
  • Contour Inspection
  • Chemical Batch Weighing
  • Load Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • Energy Management
  • Oven Temperature Profile
  • Total Indicated Runout
  • Gaging and Sorting of Parts
  • Vehicle Performance Testing   
  • Flow Measurement   
  • Materials Durability Testing   
  • Production "Trending" and “Thumbprinting"   
  • Milling Machine Control   
  • Pump Efficiency   
  • Tank Level   
  • Web Tension   
  • Airborne Data Acquisition   
  • Center of Gravity   
  • Electrical Power   
  • Aircraft Component Testing   
  • Fastener Torque Monitoring

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