Mainframe Options

"E" Option: Extended B-Card Rack 

Applies to Models 10KN3 and 10KN6 (-2, -3, -4)

This option provides the user with a total of 19 slots for optional "B Cards."

"S" Option: Satellite Operation

Applies to Models 10KU, 10KU-KD, 10K1C, and 10K4T-KD
Entailing a special Central Processor, this option is required if the mainframe is to be included in a Model 10BD4-based SATELLITE NETWORK.  It does NOT apply to the "VFD" mainframes (10K2D, 10K4TA, and 10K4T-DA).

The "S" Option provides the mainframe with a 1000-channel capacity, along with the limited bidirectionality required for "global" interchanges with the network.  It includes the Model 10D485 RS-485 Satellite Interface Adaptor.  It may be combined with the Vehicle Operation ("V") Option for a Model 10KU, 10KU-KD, or 10K4T-KD mainframe.

"V" Option ("V12" or "V28"): Vehicle Operation

Applies to Models 10KU, 10KU-KD, 10K4TA, and 10K4T-KD

A "V" version mainframe can be used with any external 12-28 VDC power supply (maximum 50 W).  This includes 12 VDC for cars, 24 VDC for trucks, and 28 VDC for aircraft.  "V12" or "V28" must be specified at the time or order.  Note that units with this option may NOT be operated at 110 or 220 VAC.  This option may be combined with the Satellite ("S") Option for a Model 10KU, 10KU-KD, or 10K4T-KD mainframe.

Battery-powered capability, along with the small size and outstanding physical and electrical stability, makes a "V Option" mainframe ideal for any number of "on-board" performance-testing applications involving the measurement and real-time computation of highly dynamic variables like wheel torque, fuel flow, under-hood temperatures, corrected horsepower, etc.—with or without an accompanying portable computer or printer of the user's choice.


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