Custom Linearization

Any System 10 mainframe can now furnish high-speed linearization of up to eight different system data channels (these would normally represent nonlinear sensor inputs).

Using a total of 58 segments anchored at any of 256 breakpoints to profile the input curve at any selected position on the curve, custom linearization can normally achieve linearity with errors of less then 0.05% of full scale.  It is particularly recommended for flowmeter-based and irregularly nonlinear thermocouple-based measurements.

Up to eight customized linearization ("look-up") tables can be loaded into the mainframe's nonvolatile EEPROM memory either at the factor, in accordance with the purchaser's specifications, or in the field, via the Daytronic LinPAC V software supplied free of charge with every mainframe (or downloadable from this site).  The same table can be shared by more than one signal of a given type (e.g., TC, RTD, etc.).

Now a standard mainframe feature, custom linearization was formerly available only through the System 10 "L Option."


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