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Model 5E485 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

The 5E485 is a special connector assembly for interfacing a network of 3500 and/or 4000 Series instruments with an external computer, terminal, or other device with RS232 I/O capability. The 5E485's 25-pin RS232 port attaches directly to the 25-pin RS232 port of the external device. Since the 5E485's RS232 connector is male, a Model 5E25 25-Pin Male to- Female Converter is also normally required to permit physical connection of the 5E485 to the external device. The 5E485's 4-pin RS485 Interface & DC Power Port connects directly to the first network node instrument. In many cases, the network power supply (if required) will also be tied directly to this port. An external supply is required to power the 5E485, unless the first network node is a 3500 SeriesĀ  Instrument, in which case the 3500 instrument's +12-V line may be used in place of an external supply.


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