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Model 10VFD-2 Front Panel VFD Display

The Model 10VFD-2 Front Panel VFD Display is to add the display capability to an exising 10K4TA system. The 10VFD-2 is a formattable 8-line VACUUM FLUORESCENT (VFD) data display (140 x 35 mm) at a distance of up to 25 feet from the mainframe.  This option includes the Model 10P80A Extended Keyboard, which is required for the setup of multichannel video "pages."  The mainframe must be returned to the factory for 10VFD-R installation.

With standard system "billboard," the display produced by a 10VFD-2 is identical to that provided by the Models 10K4T-DA.  Thus, up to 40 VFD video pages can be created and stored, each dedicated to up to twelve user-specified data channels, plus system time and date.  Per-channel LIMIT-STATUS INDICATION is provided by an ARROW following the data reading.  The arrow points UP for a "HI LIMIT" violation, DOWN for a "LOW LIMIT" violation, and LEFT for an "OK" (no violation) value.  A four-character unit legend for each channel's "live" reading can be entered.  A simple PAGE (PAG) command calls individual pages to display.  The mainframe must be returned to the factory for 10VFD or 10VFD-2 installation


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