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Model 10P80D Operator Keyboard with Display

These sturdy plug-in keyboards are used for rapid manual entry of standard mnemonic commands for both setup and "run-time" operations.  They are also required in the composition and editing of large-scale video pages for "B-sized" mainframes.  Keyboard dimensions are shown below.

Each keyboard comes with an attached cord of approximately four feet at full extension.  The free terminal of the cord locks securely into the mainframe's KEYBOARD CONNECTOR, which is located either on the front or the rear of the mainframe.  The keyboard has fold-up 1" tilt legs in the rear.

Keyboard Model

Supplied with

Optional with

(no billboard

All "B-sized"


(with billboard

10KU, 10K1C,

The Model 10PS2 Extended Keyboard is supplied with the Models 10K2D and 10K4T-DA, and with all "B-sized" mainframes.  It may be purchased separately as an option for the Models 10KU-KD and 10K4T-KD, which have their own front-panel keypad and two-line LCD "billboard" display.

The Model 10P80D Extended Keyboard is recommended for use with those "A-sized" mainframes and Series 4000 instruments that do not have their own internal data display, either "billboard" or multichannel (the Models 10KU, 10K1C, and 10K4TA), as an alternative to the Model 10VFD-R Display Option; it cannot be used with a "B-sized" mainframe.  It is identical to the 10P80A, except that it incorporates LCD display and keypad features of the "KD" mainframe models (10KU-KD, 10K4T-KD).  It thus not only furnishes a "billboard" for observation of command entries, system interrogation responses, and standard system prompting messages, but is also capable of stepping the operator through channel, logic, and port configuration sequences, for rapid review and alteration of system setup values.


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