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Model 10P25A Operator Keypad, No display

You can use these handheld membrane keyboards to perform a limited number of important System 10 "run-time" operations, including selecting VFD or large-scale ("CRT") video pages*, clearing the system LCD or CRT "billboard"*, interrogating the system for individual channel and bit values, and setting system logic bits.  

Both keyboards can also be programmed to issue up to five pre-specified system "mnemonics" to the mainframe, via the Function key followed by a number key from 0 through 4.  This function considerably extends the utility of the Operator's Keyboard, which can now serve to enter selected commands for numerical (nonliteral) setup, for system interrogation, and for the performance of normal "run-time" operations.  A four-foot cord is supplied for each keyboard.  Keyboard dimensions are shown below.

Keyboard Model

Optional with

(no billboard

All "B-sized"

(with billboard

10KU, 10K1C,

The Model 10P25A Operator's Keyboard is intended primarily for use with a "B-sized" mainframe, an "A-sized" "KD" mainframe (10KU-KD or 10K4T-KD), or an "A-sized" mainframe that has local multichannel display (10K2D or 10K4T-DA), as an alternative to the Model 10P80A Extended Keyboard.

With a two-line LCD "billboard" for display of command entries, system interrogation responses, and standard system prompting messages, the Model 10P25D Operator's Keyboard is recommended for use with those "A-sized" mainframes and Series 4000 that do not have their own internal data display, either "billboard" or multichannel (the Models 10KU, 10K1C, and 10K4TA), as an alternative to an optional Model 10P80D Extended Keyboard or the Model 10VFD-R Display Option; it cannot be used with a "B-sized" mainframe.


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