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Model 10KN9 Mainframe - 16 "A" Slots

Controlled by an advanced "10BCP" Central Processor, each of these versatile "B-sized" mainframes contains slots for user-selected "B-cards."  This lets you configure your System 10 for such functions as

  • Programmable logic I/O for process control
  • High-density "history" storage with real-time playback and SPC
  • Auxiliary computer interfacing
  • Satellite network hosting

"A-card" slots for user-selected signal conditioners and special-function cards are also provided (except for the Model 10KN3, which has no A-card rack).  As shown in the table below, A-card capacities range from 16 (for the Model 10K9) to 96 (for the multi-rack Model 10KN6-4).

Unlike the Model 10KN8A, these mainframes do not contain a built-in data display.  However, they do support multiple individually configurable large-scale data displays in vivid color (like the one shown below), with adjustable update rates from 1 to 60 Hz.  VGA-resolution displays may be instantly composed, edited, and saved by the operator, in the field, via simple "word-processor" keyboard entries—even while the measured test or process is running.  Up to 100 unique non-scrolling page formats may be created and stored for any given mainframe.

Analog Conditioner
("A Card") Slots
Digital Processing
("B Card") Slots
Analog I/O
Logic I/O
16 4 128 64
Keyboard /

Extended keyboard supplied;
Operator's keyboard OPTIONAL 


VGA input and output;
external monitor required for data display;
available video ("V Card") slots: 0



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