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Model 10FBC-4 Full Bridge Completion Connector, Four Channels

Bridge Completion Connectors: Models 10QBC-4-120, 10QBC-4-350, and 10QBC-4-1K (Quarter-Bridge); Model 10HBC-4 (Half-Bridge); and Model 10FBC-4 (Full-Bridge) For use with the Model 10A74-4C Strain Gage Conditioner Card in System 10

Each of these four-channel Bridge Completion Connectors attaches directly to the rear I/O connector of the Strain Gage Conditioner Card. The function of each connector is to “complete” the connected bridge—that is, to allow it to be seen by the Model 10A74-4C as a full (4-arm) Wheatstone bridge. The Model 10QBC-4-120, 10QBC-4-350, or 10QBC-4-1K is for completion of up to four 2-wire or 3-wire 1/4-bridge (1-arm) gage configurations with nominal resistance of 120, 350, or 1 k Ohm, respectively. The Model 10HBC-4 is for completion of up to four 1/2-bridge (2-arm) gage configurations. The Model 10FBC-4 is for secure screw-terminal connection of up to four full-bridge (4-arm) gage configurations. Unlike the 10CJB-2 and 10CJB-4 (above), the Bridge Completion Connectors do not permit mixing of connected gage configuration types. That is, all gage configurations connected to the same Bridge Completion Connector must be of the same appropriate type (120-1/4-bridge, 350-1/4-bridge, 1-k Ohm 1/4-bridge, 1/2- bridge, or full-bridge). Gage leads are connected directly to labeled screw terminals inside the connector case, and may be secured by means of internal cable clamps.


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