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Model 10ESRE Serial Range Extender

Under optimal circumstances, the maximum cable length for valid RS-232-C interchanges at 153.6K baud is approximately 50 feet. However, by means of the Model 10ESRE Serial Range Extender, you can extend the distance for high-speed serial communications to approximately one kilometer (3000 feet), using a BELDEN 9730 DATALENE 100 Ohm cable (for precise configuration and shielding, contact the factory).

The Model 10ESRE itself consists of

  • two Model 10E422 RS-232-C to RS-422 Converters (see above);
  • a 10-foot, 9-wire, 100-ohm shielded RS-422 cable (Daytronic Cable No. 52259), intended primarily for testing purposes; and
  • two plug-in AC power adapters

In order to boost the 153.6K-baud link between a System 10 mainframe and an external RS-232-C computer, printer, or PLC, one of the two 10E422 units is attached to the mainframe’s Computer Interface Port or optional “Auxiliary” (10BACIA-supplied) Computer Interface Port. The other 10E422 attaches to the RS-232-C port of the external device. As noted above, a 10E422 connected to a “B-sized” mainframe requires its own AC power supply, unless it connects to a 10BACIA. The 10E422 that attaches to the external RS-232-C device also requires its own AC power supply. Two six-foot power cords are therefore supplied with every 10ESRE, each with a switch-selectable transformer that may be plugged into any standard source of 110 or 220 V-AC (60 Hz).


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