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Model 10E422 RS-232-C to RS-422 Converter

lets you convert to “RS-422” standards a System 10 mainframe’s main RS-232-C Computer Interface or the “Auxiliary” RS-232-C Interface supplied by an optional “10BACI” Card. A single 10E422 would be used to link a mainframe either to a device with RS-422 I/O or to a Model 10CLB488 IEEE-488 to RS-422 Converter. Baud rate and other protocols for the resulting RS-422 interface are identical to those to which the mainframe’s RS-232-C interface has been set. A six-foot power cord is supplied with every 10E422, with a switch-selectable transformer that may be plugged into any standard source of 110 or 220 V-AC (60 Hz), if external power is required.


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