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 Model 10CLB488  IEEE Interface Adaptor

enables any System 10 mainframe to be established as a “Talker/Listener” peripheral on a standard IEEE-488 bus, with a switch-selectable bus address from 0 through 30. The 10CLB488 unit is a sub-assembly for the Model 10CIF488A which consists of two separate units: the Model 10E422 RS-232-C to RS-422 Converter and the Model 10CLB488 IEEE-488 to RS-422 Converter. The interconnecting cable is normally supplied by the user (Daytronic cable No. 52259 may be used for distances of up to 10 feet). The externally mounted Model 10CLB488 IEEE-488 to RS-422 Converter is directly connected to a System 10 mainframe’s Model 10E422- converted interface to an IEEE-488 bus. A six-foot power cord comes with every 10CLB488, with a switch-selectable transformer that may be plugged into any standard source of 110 or 220 V-AC.


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