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Model 10CAI-8 Eight Channel Analog Buffer

Using this externally mounted buffer unit with the Model 10AAO-4 or Model 10AAO-8, you can directly connect system analog outputs to a test or process that employs ISA standard 4-to-20 mA control signals, or you can amplify analog outputs to the ±10 V-DC range. Receiving up to eight standard ±5-V inputs from the 10AAO-4 or 10AAO-8, the 10CAI-8 produces up to eight corresponding output signals, each of which is individually programmable for full-scale representation as • 4 to 20 mA (corresponding to a 10AAO-4 or 10AAO-8 output of 0 to +5 V-DC); • 4 to 12 to 20 mA (“zero-center,” corresponding to a -5 to +5 V-DC output); or • ±10 V-DC (corresponding to a -5 to +5 V-DC output). All 10CAI-8 outputs are “single-ended,” and return to Signal Common. A six-foot power cord comes with every 10CAI-8, with a switch-selectable transformer that may be plugged into any standard source of 110 or 220 V-AC.


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