The LBVDRV7 communications driver gives users of National Instruments' LabVIEWTM software fast and flexible access to analog and digital data acquired by any System 10 instrument —while maintaining the intuitive "look and feel" of current LabVIEW functions and features.  Using LabVIEW Version 7 versatile graphics-based "G" programming language, the Daytronic/LabVIEW interface can run on any platform that supports LabVIEW—including Windows, Windows NT, and Power Macintosh.

The driver software provides the LabVIEW user with a comprehensive "Interface Library" of preprogrammed "Sub VI" ("Sub Virtual Instrument") modules.  By incorporating these modules into your own application design, you can achieve real-time Daytronic/LabVIEW data exchanges that are fast, reliable, and easy to implement. High interface rates with System 10 result from the use of special binary mode commands.  These commands compact individual data transmissions and thus reduce the workload of the communications channel.

There are standardized Sub VI's for

  • setting up and closing down serial or GPIB communications functions
  • reading requested data from System 10 or a 4000 instrument for a single channel and/or logic bit, or for an entire array of channels and/or logic bits (channel "reads" can include limit status and scaling information, if desired)
  • writing a boolean value to a specified System 10 or 4000 instrument logic bit (perhaps for purposes of triggering the automatic execution of a sequence of control commands)
  • writing a single-precision value to a specified System 10 or 4000 instrument data channel
  • sending to System 10 any valid "read" or "write" command for immediate execution

Extensive error handling routines ensure the highest data integrity over the interface.

The Interface Library also includes a number of useful sample applications—including examples of data gathering and display, datalogging, terminal interfacing, and channel configuration and calibration.


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