This version of the 5D Configurator software is a downloadable Windows based software package that lets you define, store, edit, download, upload, and manage any number of “configurations” for a connected array of one to sixteen independent Daytronic “5D” Signal Conditioner Modules. Every “5D configuration” actually consists of a numbered set of individual module configurations (or “setups”), one for each module in the connected network, along with general information pertaining to the complete collection of individual module setups. Every real-world application of a particular 5D module requires its own unique configuration. A module “configuration” is a set of operating parameters that instruct the signal conditioner precisely how it is to collect and process sensor-based measurement data. The information contained in a 5D module configuration includes module-specific setup parameters and calibration data.

Operation of the 5D-WCNG is similar to the 5DCNFG, with the main exception being the 5DCNFG is Access based and is only obtainable via a CD, whereas the 5D-WCNF is independent and downloadable.


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