Employing the run-time version of Microsoft® Access 2000, 3000PLUS (“3KP”) Configurator software lets you define, store, edit, download, upload, and manage any number of “configurations” for the Daytronic 3000PLUS Panel Meter. Every real-world 3000PLUS application requires its own unique configuration. A “configuration” is a set of operating parameters that instruct the instrument precisely how it is to collect, display, process, and output sensor based measurement data. The information contained in a 3000PLUS configuration includes general information, instrument setup parameters, Signal Conditioner Module (SCM) setup parameters, and calibration data.

The Configurator lets you set up and test serial communications between the PC running the Configurator software and a connected 3000PLUS instrument. Once valid communications have been established, you can configure the instrument using either the “OFF-LINE” or the “ON-LINE” method:


You may either create a new “default” configuration file or upload the existing setup parameters of the connected 3000PLUS instrument to form a new configuration file. You will then enter and validate all required setup values (see below), and finally download these values to the 3000PLUS instrument. This is the method outlined in Section 4.C. It requires you to perform at least an initial “ABSOLUTE” calibration of the instrument (see Step 5 of the  overview).


You may use the Configurator’s “Live” Output window to view and modify the present configuration of the connected 3000PLUS instrument on a runtime basis. You may then (if desired) save the modified configuration to the currently open configuration file. In this case, no calibration or overall download is required. You need not open or create a configuration file in order to configure your instrument “on-line,” unless you want to save the resulting configuration or perform a subsequent calibration.

In general terms, the Configurator lets you

  • define instrument setup values, including the model number of the installed Signal Conditioner Module (SCM) and parameters relating to real-time measurement and display, limit logic, and output processing
  • define SCM-specific setup values, including the module’s input range, analog filter cutoff frequency, plus (when the SCM is a Model 5D30) the AC excitation frequency (3.27, 5, or 10 kHz)
  • define or view general parameters relating to the configuration itself or to the configured instrument, including configuration file path, size, and version; instrument description; configuration creator code; user comments; instrument security code; etc.
  • validate the configuration at any time
  • download the validated configuration to the connected 3000PLUS instrument
  • “absolute” and/or “two-point” calibration of the 3000PLUS instrument’s “live” measurement channel, including on-line adjustment of negative symmetry and positive or negative midscale linearity
  • viewing any of the connected 3000PLUS instrument’s three “live” analog outputs and adjusting it as desired (as part of “ON-LINE” configuration)
  • viewing the entire “live” setup configuration of the connected 3000PLUS instrument, adjusting any displayed setup parameter on a run-time basis (as part of “ON-LINE” configuration), and saving all “live” parameters to the currently open configuration file, if desired
  • sending one or more standard mnemonic commands to the instrument and viewing the response(s)
  • applying a “HOLD” command to the instrument’s “Auxiliary” and Voltage Outputs
  • releasing any and all latched limits• upload the current configuration of the connected 3000PLUS instrument to a new configuration file for storage and/or editing
  • view/print a configuration report or save it as a “.txt” file

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