Signal Conditioning Cards - Overview

Daytronic offers a large family of high-accuracy, high-performance single- and multi-channel signal conditioning cards. Both the field-proven "10A" series and "AA" series can accommodate virtually every type of transducer input. Inserted in an SPS6000,or System 10 mainframe's "A Card" rack, each conditioner card has a 20-pin I/O connector accessible at the rear of the unit, for simple, direct attachment of transducer cable(s) and quick on-line disconnection, when required.

Exceptional measurement Stability and Accuracy result from...

  • Parallel per-channel amplification (allows gain/noise/drift characteristics to be optimized for particular transducer types and ranges)
  • A shielded front-end environment for conditioner cards that won't limit the accuracy of sensitive input signals or the reliability of associated control signals
  • Premium low-drift components
  • Precise control of internal reference voltages
  • Remotely sensed excitation, allowing long cable runs
  • Powerful low-pass active filtering on an individual-channel basis, for quieting excessively noisy signals and eliminating A/D aliasing problems; uses specially modified multipole Butterworth filters (individually programmable for "AA" conditioner card channels)
  • Precise built-in calibration and excellent interchangeability of cards

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