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Model AA2PFT-2 Programmable Filter Tile

Used with the  new family of Daytronic Conditioner Cards , the Advanced Analog (or "AA") cards may be used in any new or existing System 10,  or SPS8000 System. While functionally similar to the corresponding "10A" model, each "AA" card offers a number of significant enhancements such as programmable low-pass active filtering for the removal of unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components. Precise channel-by-channel tailoring of analog filtering is especially important when it comes to the elimination of aliasing. Where permitted by system "Configurator" software, filter cutoff selection can be wholly accomplished by software (this is just one way in which the new AA cards will interact with Daytronic "Configurator" programs for additional ease of setup and use). The AA2PFT-2, referred to as the "F2" tile, has selectable corner frequencies between 2 and 2000 Hz.


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