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Model 10VGM500 Video Graphics Card

is a “V” Card for System 10 “B” mainframe lets the user create bargraph displays in a simple, vivid way to portray monitored tests or processes.  They let the operator grasp the state of an entire process at a glance.  They can be made to include virtually instantaneous alarm annunciation, along with messages that prompt the operator to take specific control actions.  All in all, they can do much to enhance user interaction with any mainframe system that incorporates a large-scale data display. With the Model 10VGM500 installed, any video page format may include up to eighty (80) individual bargraph fields.

Real-time histograms for use in SPC and trend analysis can be easily created by means of the 10VGM500.  In the display shown below, for example, each bar represents a data-register channel that automatically counts the total number of "Below Limit," "OK," or "Above Limit" parts.

Each 10VGM500-generated bargraph is configured through simple keyboard entries, during composition of the video page in which it is to appear.  Thus, for each bargraph you will specify its size, its position on the page, and the individual data channel it is to represent.

When the mainframe contains an optional Model 10VFO132 Formatted Output Card, hard-copy printout of any bargraph display is possible on any Epson or Epson-compatible printer.

The 10VGM500 increases a "B-sized" mainframe's total video memory capacity to 661 "blocks," which is usually more than enough to completely fill each of the 100 available video pages. ("Standard" video memory is 157 "blocks" of 64 bytes (or characters).  A typical page format will take 5 to 7 memory blocks, with a nominal maximum of 32).

The Model 10VGM500 requires that the mainframe contain the Model 10BVS98 VGA Video Signal Card. 


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