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Model 10VFO132 Formatted Output Card

This card provides a special RS232 printer interface port for instant hard-copy reproduction of the video page format currently on display or of any video page currently in EEPROM storage (including the system's standard "page directory").  It can also transmit to a printer, in sequence, all existing video page formats within a specified "page-number" range.

A transmitted page format will include all appropriate "live" data values, bit states, messages, and "video playbacks" (see the Model 10BDR64 History Card).  When dedicated by means of a special command to an Epson or Epson-compatible printer, the 10VFO132 lets you print video pages containing horizontal bargraphs generated by an optional Model 10VGM500 Video Graphics Memory Card.

In addition, the Model 10VFO132 permits the printing of "live" data from a single system channel, all system channels, or a selected range of channels—along with specified "HEADER" and "TAILER" texts.  These headers and tailers are separate, precomposed video pages.

Data-link protocols for the 10VFO132's printer port are as follows: baud rate selectable in standard steps from 50 to 19200 baud; 7 or 8 data bits; 1 or 2 stop bits; parity even, odd, or none.  You can specify a delay of 0.1, 0.24, 0.58, 1.4, 3.4, 8.2, or 20 milliseconds between successive character transmissions, if desired. 


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