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Model 10CJB-2 Two Channel Bridge Completion Box

For use with the Model 10A72-2C or AA72 Strain Gage Conditioner Card  in System 10 or SPS6000.

This external junction box lets you connect each 10A72-2C or AA72 input to a 2-wire 1/4-bridge, 3-wire 1/4-bridge, 1/2-bridge, or full-bridge strain gage configuration. Each 1/4-bridge configuration may use either 120 or 350 ohms nominal gage resistance. The function of the Model 10CJB-2 is to “complete” the connected bridge—that is, to allow it to be seen by the Model 10A72- 2C as a full (4-arm) Wheatstone bridge. To connect the 10CJB-2 to the rear I/O Connector of a Model 10A72-2C, the user may furnish his or her own pin-to-pin shielded cable, or may use a special cable supplied by Daytronic. In either case, appropriate terminal connectors will be supplied. To connect the 10CJB-2 to the rear I/O Connector of a Model AA72, a special Daytronic cable is required. Calibration of a channel originating from a Model 10CJB-2 requires entry of at least one calibration point in units of microstrain (microinches/inch).


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