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Model 10BVT60 Video Text Editor Card

is the main processor for managing the video display and video elements of the System 10 “B” mainframe. The 10BVT60 contains all of the page and video control memory for the System and will interface with optional “V” boards like the 10VFO132 printer interface card and 10VGM500 video graphic bar graph card to provide the VGA digital interface to an internal or external monitor through the 10BVS98 Video Signal Card.

The 10BVT60 resides in a dedicated “B” slot and contain the working memory and firmware for managing the display elements. Using the Daytronic UtiliAPC410 software, the user can upload and download “pages” and video control statements for backup and diagnostic purposes. As standard, the 10BVT60 contains 100 “pages” which can be managed and developed by the user using the standard 10P80A keyboard to create multi-channel and multi-size operator displays.


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