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Model 10BVS98 Video Signal Processor Card

works with the Model 10BVT60 to provide the analog VGA signals to an internal or external VGA display. The 10BVS98 does not contain any configuration memory and can be interchanged with other System 10 10BVS98 units without the need to reconfigure the system. Note. The 10BVS98 has a designated location “left and next” to the 10BVT60 card. Placement of the card in any other location will damage the card or mainframe or both.
The 10BVS98 is a standard card in a video capable System 10 “B” size unit. It is the replacement card for the 10BVS90 or 10BVS95 cards. For VGA display capability, these cards can be swapped out using the 10BVS98 card and backplane by ordering the 10VRK6, video retrofit kit for a System 10K6.


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