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Model 10BSPC384 History Memory Card - SPC enabled

The principal function of this System 10 “B” card is to perform statistical analysis of "historical" data recorded by the system's Model 10BDR64 History Card.  However, it also provides the function of a Model 10BDHM384 High Density History Memory Option Card, described below.  Installation of the 10BSPC384 requires a special "history backplane" within the mainframe.

With the 10BSPC384, you can play back the lowest and highest values recorded for a given data channel since a given recording in the past (up to 10,000 recordings "ago"), and the continuous average value for the data reported by the channel over the same time period.

Statistical playbacks also include "industry standard" functions such as X-BAR and RANGE, automatically calculated for a given data channel over successive "sampling" periods, each of which consists of a fixed number of data recordings (from 1 through 25).  Thus, you can set up channels to read and/or display the average value ("X-BAR") experienced by a given data channel over the last complete sampling period, or the absolute value of the difference between the highest and lowest values (i.e., the "RANGE") experienced by the channel over the period.


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