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Model 10BIO-16 Sixteen Logic I/O Card

This card allows a System 10 "B-sized" mainframe to perform automatic safety monitoring and other programmed logic control functions in connection with controlled tests and processes.

The 10BIO-16 provides sixteen optically isolated LOGIC I/O PORTS, each of which can be designated as either input or output, in any desired mix.  For "A-sized" mainframes, you will use the Model 10AIO-16 Universal Logic I/O Card, which is functionally equivalent to the 10BIO-16. 

The 10BIO-16 can be used to activate relay from limits settings (latching or nonlatching), input logic signals for command or display purposes or can be configured to input or output BCD or Binary data words to or from the System.

The 10BIO-16  can also be commanded by a host computer to directly read or set individual logic inputs or outputs, respectively—in accordance, say, with calculations performed by the computer itself.  At the same time, certain 10BIO-16 outputs can be made to reflect—instantly and automatically, without further attention from the computer—any specified violations of preset limit values occurring in any specified data channel or group of channels.  

Model 10BIO-16 General Specifications 

Number of I/O Channels

Sixteen (any combination of inputs and outputs)

Logic I/O Interface


Optically isolated logic; isolated +5 V Reference Power Supply provided; maximum current is 200 mA, total, for the Model 10BIO-16 and 50 mA, total, for the Model 10AIO-16; external reference supply may be used; allowable VCC range is +5 to +24 V


CMOS-device input with internal 100-kΩ pull-up to VCC ("Logic 1"); may be driven by TTL, LSTTL, CMOS (+5 V), or through dry contacts to Isolated Common


Open-collector current sink with internal 100-kΩ pull-up to VCC; maximum sink current is 50 mA per output

Logic Connections

18-Terminal Logic I/O Connector for the 10BIO-16 (only)*

Channel Activity Indicator

LED logic-state indicator for each I/O PORT visible through mainframe front panel



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