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Model 10BDR64 History Memory Card

The purpose of this unique microprocessor-based card is to make, store, and selectively output digital recordings of numerical and logic data acquired by a System 10 "B-sized" mainframe.

The History Card is extremely useful when you need sequential recording of one or more data sets at a rate too fast for a computer or other data-receiving device, or the accumulation of data which is collected at a rate too slow to warrant tying up valuable computer time for its communication.

Through simple mnemonic commands, you can instruct each of the History Card's four independent RAM recorders to automatically record a predefined list of randomly selected data channels and logic bits commands.  Recording can be made to occur at preset time intervals—from 10 milliseconds to 24 hours—or can be triggered by a specific combination of system logic, limit, and/or time-interval conditions.

When the History Card is accompanied by a Model 10BSPC384 High Density History SPC Option Card, special "statistical" playback functions allow the system to perform independent, "on-line" Statistical Process Control (SPC).  When used in "front-end" applications, the mainframe can even be disconnected from the host computer during the production process, while it continues to collect, display, store, classify, and analyze all measurement data.

The History Card's normal capacity is 32000 scaled data readings. When you require history memory beyond 32K readings, you may install the Model 10BHDM384 High Density History Memory Card (or the Model 10BSPC384 High Density History SPC Option Card).  You can easily arrange for the history memory to be either VOLATILE or NONVOLATILE.  When volatile mode is in effect, all data recordings will be automatically and "truly" erased every time the History Card is powered up.  When nonvolatile mode is in effect, only the battery-backed history memory residing on an optional 10BHDM384 (or 10BSPC384) is available for storage of history recordings.


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