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Model 10BDHM "B" Health Monitor Card

is a "B-sized" companion card to the Model 10AHM Health Monitor Card.  When connected to the 10AHM via a special cable, it can be used to monitor B-Deck voltage supplies, plus critical software handshake lines and other dynamic signals.

The following table describes the 13 diagnostic "subchannels" furnished by the 10BDHM.  Like the 10AHM-sourced subchannels, they can be scaled and filtered like any analog data channel, and can be continuously and automatically monitored for conformance to specific limit values.

Model 10BDHM Subchannels

No. 9

Measures the microprocessor's +5-V rail 

10 and 11

Measure the B-Deck ±12-V supplies.  These power the A/D, RS232 I/O, internal monitor, etc. 

No. 12

Measures the "ISO-5 V" supply for Model 10BIO-16 Universal Logic I/O Cards

No. 13

Measures the active-low EEPROM Enable signal on the B-Deck

Nos. 14,
15, and 16

Measure the state of the "handshake" lines among the B-Deck cards.  These active-low lines toggle briefly when messages move from board to board.  A persisting logic low (>0.7 V) indicates internal communications problems or one or more external devices that are not ready to receive data from the System 10. 

Nos. 17,
18, and 19

These channels are "stretched" versions of Nos. 14, 15, and 16, and are used to verify that messages are being properly sent

20 and 21

These channels are B-Deck counterparts of the 10AHM-sourced Subchannel Nos. 7 and 8 (SIGNAL COMMON and POWER COMMON)—see 10AHM table



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