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Model 10BD4 Satellite Host Card

When equipped with a Model 10BD4, any System 10 "B-sized" mainframe can become a central "host" unit for a network consisting of one or more Daytronic System 10 "satellite" units. Any of three basic types of instruments may
function as a System 10 SATELLITE:

  • An "A-sized" mainframe equipped with the "S" (Satellite) Option
  • Any "B-sized" mainframe equipped with a Model 10BD1 Satellite Slave Card
  • A Model 10CCONB Operator Console

All in all, such satellites can provide complete remote-site data acquisition, data display, process control, and/or entry of "global" system commands.

While responding instantly and "transparently" to interrogation by the "B-sized" host mainframe, each satellite mainframe remains independently responsible for all data collection, control, and/or display functions relating to those data channels and logic bits for which it serves as a unique "local" origin.  These functions may include cross-channel calculations, analog peak capture, logic and analog control I/O, automatic command "executes," maintenance of "live" data display, and digital "history" recording.

Host-satellite and satellite-satellite interchanges are achieved via RS485 interface of fixed protocol (153.6K baud, 8 data bits, 2 stop bits, odd parity).

The 10BD4 normally allows up to 31 satellites on a twisted-pair ring of up to 1 km (3279 ft.) in total length.


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