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Model 10BCP200 Central Processor Card for "B" Mainframes

which replaced the Model 10BCP100, A, L, R version, is the primary processor card for the “B” size System 10 Mainframes and comes standard in a System 10 “B” size mainframe when ordered. It is the removable processor card which contains the system configuration memory, processor data, and operating firmware circuitry to manage the System 10’s scanning, communications and A/D processes.

System configuration within the 10BCP200 pertains to the channel data, calibration, calculations, execute control statements and communications protocol which retained and managed from this card. Using the Daytronic UtiliiPAC410 software, configuration data from this card can be stored on a computer for backup and installation review. All data is managed by this card except for Video Pages, Video control statements and localized memory setups on individual “B” cards, like the 10BDR64 History Card, 10BACIA Auxiliary Computer Interface Card, 10BD4 Satellite Card, ect.

The Model 10BCP200 is the current version of the main processor card and is a compatible replacement for the 10BCP100 and 10BCP100A.


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