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Model 10BACI-488 Auxillary Computer Interface Card  IEEE-488

is equivalent to a Model 10BACIA with a 24-pin parallel port for standard TALKER/LISTENER communications with an IEEE-488 bus (in place of the 10BACIA's standard RS232 interface).

Special front-panel LAD ("Listener Active Device") and TAD ("Talker Active Device") lights continuously indicate the System 10's current bus role.  There are on-board DIP switches for assigning a specific bus address to the System 10.  Note also that the rear connector supplied with the 10BACI-488 covers two mainframe "B slots."

While the 10BACI-488 conforms to the hardware protocol of IEEE-488, it employs a proprietary software protocol.  Also, the data transfer rate is limited by the rate at which data can be received from the System 10 database (typically 2500 to 3000 channels per second).  As a result, the 10BACI-488 transfer rate will normally be about 15,000 to 17,000 bytes per second.

Optional floating-point data conversion is available for the 10BACI-488 (only).  This allows the card to issue data for all scanned channels or for a specified range of channels in either IEEE or DEC floating-point format. 


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