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Model 10APID Loop Control Card

is a System 10 “A” card that is a flexible means of achieving stable, high-speed analog or digital closed-loop control in engine dynamometry, fluid pumping, hydraulic servo operations, and any number of other industrial applications.  It is compatible with all System 10 mainframe models (both "A-sized" and "B-sized").

Operating on standard SET-POINT ("COMMAND") and FEEDBACK ("RESPONSE") inputs that may be analog, digital, or mixed, the 10APID generates a fast, selectively damped ERROR SIGNAL.  The card can be operated in a true analog mode for quick, response loop control or in a digital mode where a calculated channel or computer command sets the loop

Regardless of their respective sources, the COMMAND and RESPONSE inputs are continuously available as standard ±5 VDC analog outputs both from wire wrap pins on the mainframe motherboard and from the 10APID's rear I/O connector.  They may thus be read by other signal-processing and/or display elements either internal or external to the mainframe system.


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