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10AIO-16 Sixteen Logic I/O Card for "A" Mainframes

This is an "A Card"-sized version of the Model 10BIO-16 Universal Logic I/O Card, and is for use in "A-sized" System 10 mainframes (ONLY). Functions and specifications of the 10AIO-16 are identical to those of the 10BIO-16, except that:

  • the 10AIO-16 may be used only in "A-sized" mainframes—i.e., only in members of the "10KU," "10K1/10K2," and "10K4T" mainframe families
  • it employs the standard 20-pin "10A" I/O Connector (instead of the special connector used by the 10BIO-16)
  • it is initialized by means of the A SLOT (ASL) command
  • the maximum current of the Logic Reference Supply is 50 mA, total.  For this reason, a full-capacity relay board used with the 10AIO-16 may require its own external power supply.

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