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Model 10ACT01 Counter / Timer Card

Featuring a 1.000000-MHz crystal frequency reference, this card may be made to function in any of the four modes of operation described below, by entering an appropriate TYPE (TYP) command.


The Model 10ACT01 counts events per unit time (EPUT), and may thus be used for frequency or rpm measurement.  The full-scale range (with corresponding resolution) and the specific time base during which "events" (pulses) are to be counted.


In this mode, the Model 10ACT01 calculates the average time period required for the occurrence of 1, 10, 60, 100, or 120 pulse "events" (cycles).  Such measurements are particularly useful when dealing with relatively low flow or speed signals, where a conventional frequency-to-voltage conversion is impractical.


In this mode, the Model 10ACT01 counts all perceived "events" (pulses) by an increment of 1, 10, or 100 (with a respective full-scale count reading of 32767, 327670, or 3276700.

Special commands allow the operator or computer to increment the counter reading at any time, to freeze the existing displayed count, to instantly update the displayed count, to reset the counter to zero, and to clear the counter (to resume normal counting from zero).  You can also use specific logic inputs to the 10ACT01's rear I/O Connector to initiate a "hold," "release," "resetting," or "clearing" of the counter.


In this mode, the Model 10ACT01 provides precision timing by counting pulses generated by its own internal clock.  Resolution is selectable from 10 microseconds to 10 minutes, with corresponding full-scale readings from 0.32767 second to 327670 minutes.


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