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Model 10AA0-8 Eight Channel DAC Output Card

provides up to eight independent, digitally-controlled analog output signals that can be used for commanding servo control loops, and for driving external recorders, plotters, indicators, etc. The eight voltage outputs are individually controlled and updated once each scan cycle by the system Central Processor, in accordance with user or computer instructions. The data source for each 10AAO-8 output may be specified as a linear function of any system data channel No. y by applying an ANALOG OUTPUT (ANO) command of ANO x = m(CHN y) + b where "m" and "b" are floating-point constants entered by the user to convert the engineering units of Channel No. y to millivolts.

The allowable range is ± 5000 mV. Alternatively, the data source for an analog output may be specified as a fixed millivolt value.  Output updated once each scan cycle, and processed through 3-pole, 4-Hz active filter (settling time 300 milliseconds); scan cycles per second = 2500/(N + 15), where N is total number of channels being scanned by the system.


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