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Model 10AA0-4 Four Channel Analog Buffer Output Card

is used for purposes of “real-time” monitoring, the Model 10AAO-4 provides continuous buffering, filtering, and fixed gain of 1, 2, or 4 for up to four individual System 10 analog signals. Each signal may originate from any one of the system's Conditioner Cards that provides “Auxiliary Output” to wire-wrap pins. The actual gain setting for each output will depend on the “TYPE” designation of the corresponding “source” conditioner channel. Each of the 10AAO-4's four outputs is nominal ±5 V-DC (±6 V maximum), with a minimum load resistance of 2 kOhm. Each output is factory-set for a “single-ended” configuration (i.e., output referenced to Signal Common (Ground)). If desired, however, all four outputs may be reconfigured as “floating,” by connecting an external supply of ±9 V-DC, furnished by the user. Each 10AAO-4 channel contains a 3-pole modified Butterworth filter with a bandwidth of 47 Hz. In addition, individual ZERO and SPAN controls are accessible at the front of the card, for further calibration
or scaling of a given channel with reference to its “source” input.


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