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Model 10A72-2C Dual Channel DC Strain Gage Conditioner

is a general-purpose two-channel conditioner for use with DC excited load cells, pressure sensors, and any other conventional strain gage transducer employing a 4-arm bridge of nominal 350 Ω or higher, with a full-scale range of 0.75, 1.50, or 3.00 mV/V.

The 10A72-2C’s advanced design techniques overcome errors that traditionally plague the strain-gage conditioning process. Separate excitation for each channel uses remote sensing of bridge voltage and is slaved to a common System Reference Voltage. The result is consistently stable ratio-metric measurement, unaffected by possible power-supply drift. Input impedances in excess of 10,000 MΩ are presented to signal leads to eliminate cable resistance as a source of error. Allowable cable length has virtually no practical limits.

The 10A72-2C features selectable per-channel excitation (1, 5, or 10 V-DC). Using low excitation helps reduce gage heating effects in stress analysis of materials with low thermal conductivity. In addition, the 10A72-2C lets the user select either 10-Hz or 100-Hz analog filtering for each input channel. The wideband (100-Hz) filter is specially designed for measurement of a highly dynamic input signal. A convenient shunt calibration technique is provided. Each channel’s shunt resistor may be switched in and out by software command or by means of logic-level inputs through the rear I/O CONNECTOR.


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