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Model 10A65-8 Eight Channel DC mV Input Card

is a high-accuracy conditioner allowing input of up to eight low level external voltage signals (allowable input ranges are ±50, ±100, and ±200 millivolts). Mixed as desired, these may originate from DC-to-DC LVDT’s, potentiometer type sensors, and other 2-wire analog signal sources that provide their own power supply. Or they may represent the outputs of other instrument systems having various voltage levels and grounding configurations.

Inputs can be either floating (differential) or grounded (single-ended). Chopper-stabilized DC amplification with active low-pass filtering yields smooth and stable measurement of the true average value of the input variable, even in the face of substantial dynamic content. The Model 10A65-8 will accept Transducer Types of: Low-level 2-wire DC voltage sources, grounded or floating with Input Voltage Ranges: ±50, 100, or 200 mV-DC; automatically selected—on an individual channel basis—when the channel is configured.


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