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Model 10A62-8C Eight Channel 4-20ma Input Card

This high-accuracy conditioner accepts up to eight independent current signals within the ISA standard range of 4-20 mA. Both unipolar and bipolar (“zero-center”) inputs are allowed. Since the 10A62-8C does not provide excitation, the current source must supply its own power supply, if required. Chopper-stabilized amplification with active low-pass filtering yields excellent voltage compliance and make the 10A62-8C suitable for virtually any standard Process Industry current input.

The Model 10A62-8C will accept Input Current: 4 to 20 mA (unipolar) or 4 to 12 to 20 mA (bipolar or “zero-center”); automatically selected—on an individual channel basis—when the channel is configured for the System 10 channel “type” codes assigned to 10A62-8C data channels.


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