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Model 10A30-2C Two Channel AC LVDT Conditioner

is for measurement of displacement, force, pressure, and other parameters obtained with a variable reluctance transducer or linear variable differential transformer (LVDT). Based on the synchronous carrier-demodulator principle, it supplies regulated, remotely sensed AC excitation for two independent transducer channels—thus allowing direct measurement of thickness (when the two inputs are summed) or of taper (when their difference is calculated). It then demodulates, filters, and amplifies the resulting signals to produce system outputs precisely proportional to LVDT core displacement. The 10A30-2C automatically adjusts to the signal phase shift of the transducer in use, thereby insuring optimum sensitivity and linearity. Special input provisions exist for “long-stroke” LVDT's (typically full-scale range of ±1 inch or greater). The Model 10A30-2C conditioner will interface with transducer types that are: 5- or 7-wire LVDT's capable of 3280-Hz operation and having primary impedance of 80 ohms or greater (all Daytronic LVDT transducers are suitable); and 3- or 5-wire variable reluctance transducers.  Sensitivity full-scale ranges from ±0.010 in. (±0.25 mm) to ±6.0 in. (±15.24 cm), when used with Daytronic or equivalent transducers.


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