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Model 10A18-4C Four Channel RTD Conditioner

is a high-bandwidth conditioner card designed for temperature measurement using 100-Ω platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD's) of either DIN (European) or American design. It produces an output voltage that is linearly related to actual temperature instead of resistance—with selectable accuracy (depending on the operating measurement range) of up to ±0.2°C. Since the 10A18-4C provides its own per-channel temperature curve fitting, no further system- level linearization is required.

Precision constant-current excitation is provided for four independent sensor channels, which may be intermixed as required. RTD inputs are normally set for four-wire cabling, with nominal excitation of one milli-ampere and input impedance exceeding 10 MΩ, to eliminate common self-heating and cable-loading errors. However, for an RTD channel with a shared “+SIGNAL” and “+CURRENT” line, three-wire mode is available, if desired, via an internal jumper setting.

The Model 10A18-4C will condition RTD Types: Platinum; DIN (European) or American standard with “ice-point” of 100ohms (ONLY) with a Linear Range and Accuracy: -200.0°C to +600.0°C full-scale for each RTD standard (DIN and American); accuracy of linearization will depend on the selected RTD standard and the selected operating range that could occur for a 10A18-4C card operating at an ambient temperature of 25° ±10° C, six months after calibration); automatically selected—on an individual channel basis—when the channel is configured.


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