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Model 10A17-2 High Isolation RTD Conditioner

Designed for RTD-based temperature measurements requiring high input isolation, this precision conditioner is particularly useful in the utilities industry. It is identical to the Model 10A16-4C, except that, it accepts two independent platinum RTD signals (rather than four), and may only be used in System 10. The 10A17-2 is compatible with four-wire RTD cabling only and its inputs are transformer-isolated, so that sensor-to-chassis and/or sensor-to-sensor common-mode voltages as high as 1500 V-DC can be accommodated without damaging the instrument or perceptibly affecting measurement accuracy.  The Model 10A17-2 will accept RTD Types: Platinum; DIN (European) standard with “ice-point” resistance of 50, 100, or 200 Ohms or American standard with “ice-point” resistance of 100 Ohm  Range and Resolution are automatically selected— on an individual channel basis—when the channel is  configured with internal digital linearization to ±0.1° C (±0.2° F)


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