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Model 10A11 Thermocouple Processor Card

For use with the Model 10A9-8C or 10A10-4 Thermocouple Conditioner Card. The Model 10A11 makes available to the System 10 Central Processor the reference- junction-corrected temperature readings acquired by a Model 10A9-8C or 10A10-4 Thermocouple Conditioner Card. One Model 10A11 must be installed in every A-card rack containing one or more Model 10A9-8C or 10A10-4 cards. The purpose of the 10A11 is to proportion and sum the cold-junction reference signal and the amplified TC signal of each 10A9-8C and/or 10A10-4 channel for presentation to the system’s Analog Signal Bus. This card allows the mixture of different thermocouple types associated with the Conditioner card being utilized.


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