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Programmable shaft transmitter for angular position



Measuring transmitter with contactless, capacitive sensing system for acquiring the angular position of a shaft.

A load-independent DC-signal with a range of 4 to 20 mA is read out from the measurement output. It is especially well suited for surface mounting to equipment and apparatus thanks to its compact design.

  • Patented contactless capacitive system, wear-free
  • Measuring range, direction of rotation, characteristics, output changeover and other functions can be programmed via PC: facilitates planning and project work, short lead times, minimal inventory
  • Angle of rotation measuring range: 0°...10° to 0°...50° or 0°...50° to 0°...350°
  • Measurement output (measuring/supply circuit) utilizes 2-wire connection (4 to 20 mA signal)
  • Simulation of measured value allows to test subsequent control circuits, control loops or measuring circuits during installation
  • Display of present measured and graphical representation on screen for longer time periods
  • Adjustment of mechanical position and fine adjustment of the analog output, zero point and span may be set independently
  • Programmable output characteristics: linear, V-characteristic or freely selectable linearization curve
  • Shaft can be turned through full
  • Serial interface
  • Very small torque: < 0.001 Ncm
  • Drive shaft has no mechanical stops: devices without additional gearbox can be infinitely rotated
  • Surface-mounted device with protection class: IP43 


  • For 2W2 configuration software

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