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RMS value measurement, with different characteristics



Measuring transducer for the conversion of sinusoidal or distorted alternating voltage into an output signal which is proportional to the measured value.

Depending upon the variant, the crucial portion of the measuring range can be extended at the beginning or the end (various characteristics). The less crucial or non-crucial portion is suppressed.

  • Measuring method: logarithmic measuring method
  • Measurement input: sinusoidal or distorted alternating voltage, TRMS measurement Input voltage: 0.. 20 to 0.. 690 V
  • Measurement output: unipolar and live-zero output quantities from 0.. 1.0 to 0.. 20 mA or live-zero from 0.2.. 1 to 4.. 20 mA, or from 0.. 1 to 0.. 10 V or live-zero from 0.2.. 1 to 2.. 10 V
  • Characteristics as expanded voltage scale or expanded primary value scale at the lower or upper range
  • Power supply: AC auxiliary power, or integrated AC-DC power pack with large tolerance range
  • Housing for top-hat rail mounting

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