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Heavy Current Transducer AC and DC mixed currents



Measuring transducer for the conversion of active power of undulatory voltage and current (containing AC and DC components) into an output signal which is proportional to the measured value.

  • Measuring method: TDM method
  • Input voltage: any value between 0...300mV and 800V, ±150mV and ±800V
  • Input current: direct 0...1 and 0...50mA, ±1 and ±500mA Via shunt 0...300mV and 0...3V, ±150mV and ±3V
  • Nominal input frequency: DC / 10...70...400Hz
  • Measuring output: unipolar, bipolar or live-zero output quantities
  • Power supply: 110 or 220V AC ±20%, 24V DC
  • Housing for top-hat rail mounting E16

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